Saturday, February 13, 2010

TEFL and friday things

Another sale! Horray! The yarn I mad with strawberries will get sent out today! I was begining to think that I was cursed...

This week has been very busy - I had my first day of TEFL practical hours observing in an ESL classroom yesteray, Ive been trying to readjust my sleep schedule, but jeeze 730am is such a ridiculous hour to have to wake up at every friday (that may just be my college student mindset speaking)

It was my friends 21st birthday, and I only knew about 3 people there. After we hugged the birthday girl we kind of secluded ourselves in her tiny tiny kitchen and did not talk to anyone we knew the whole time. I have always been big on judging other people, cant help it. But since Ive turned 21 (and lived in Scotland where they treat drinking very differently than they do here) parties have lost the very little appeal that they had...

Ill post the pictures of the layers of pink yarn I mad yesterday and will finish today, its the thinest Ive ever spun anything, so cool!

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