Sunday, February 21, 2010



I hit the knitting lovers jackpot. So much yes.

A brief story: My mother is crazy, I know this. We have been thrift store shopping since I was an infant, I never bought a new piece of clothing until I was 16, and I go thrift store shopping to win, Im good at it. My mother is one who takes forever, but I can deal with that. After I snagged some 100% wool sweaters at my thrift store (to try this out She said she needed to stop by a friends hows. Warning bells went off, I knew we would be there forever. So I warned her no more than ten minutes, and went inside to get the plants from her friend who was moving.

We walk through piles of half packed boxes, and I pause and stare in awe at at least 7 full baskets of beauuuuuutiful yarn. As I gape, she says "Ive already packed up what I really want, go ahead and take what you want" IT WAS A BEAUTIFUL DAY! And I am not talkin cheap arylic here, this shits classy. pure wool, soft, some merino, some dyed some not - even a bunch of all natural cotton that is like a cloud. I walked away with two whole bags full, and a huge bag of wool for spinning. I am ridiculously excited. I can barely contain it. EEEEEK

Ill post pictures soon, but for now heres my most time - consuming accomplishment thus far - spun from raw wool locks, looks like where the wild thing are :)

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