Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Hello everyone!
I am pretty new to blogging, I tried to keep up with one when I lived in Scotland last year, but ended up being pretty forgetful. But this time I have a goal! I am trying to spin a little bit every single day, or at least do something fiber related each day. And this is the perfect way for me to put up pictures, and let you se a little bit behind the scenes of whats going on in my life... Today I am experimenting with washing/cleaning raw wool locks for the first time, Ill let you know how that goes. Until I get pictures of what I am doing currently Ill treat you to some pictures already on my computer
Thanks for reading


  1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have always wanted to learn to spin..... I have a loom now, so if I learn to spin, I will be all set! Or, when I start weaving on it, maybe I will buy fibers from you. :)
    BTW - I LOVE CATS TOO - we have four spoiled rotten furbabys. :)

  2. As an artist myself, this is very interesting. You have a follower!!

  3. I am following from Rome in Italy. I also lived for one year in Scotland... simply magic!

  4. These watermelon colors are so lovely!

  5. Looking forward to visiting your blog and reading more.

    Ann in Ireland.