Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow day!

Finally CraftGawker is accepting more applications! Every time I have wanted to submit in the past they have been closed temporarily, we will see how this goes... Im not too sure, but hopeful at least. Below is the picture I submitted, wish me luck!

And on the bright side, its a SNOW DAY tomorrow! Classes have been cancelled, I have already threatened a few of my friends with tackling them in the snow, its going to be great. I am currently on the mend from a cold, and I am sure this will send me back into sickness but I am completely alright with that. I went to the grocery store to get some OJ, and it was complete and utter madness... I guess people in NY freak out whenever there is more than a foot of snow predicted, I cant waitttt


  1. Wow, what gorgeous yarn, and love the colors in it.

    You have a lovely blog and it's a fairly new one, but I'm sure that in no time you'll have a huge following. My blog is over a year old and the 1st month I sat around with 0 followers. I wanted to cry as I couldn't even get my family and friends to visit my blog. But after awhile of promoting I've built up a following...oh it's nowhere near the size of some other great bloggers like cabin+cub who has an amazing blog and has over 1,000 followers, but it sure bets having none at all. :D

    Found you through the thread on the etsy forums about blog followers...it's a great way to promote and a wonderful way to find good blogs. I'm now following your blog, hope you'll check mine out too. :)

  2. that is beautful yarn! yeah people went nuts here in the UK when we had bad snow weeks back. i guess they worry that its going to get out of control and want to be prepared!

  3. Ohhhh, yummy yarn! And I am terribly jealous of your snow day! I would love a snow day - I would sit in front of a fire and knit allday long!

  4. Gosh Metalsgirl thats basically how I wish I could spend everyday...