Tuesday, June 29, 2010

First custom order!

Finally done!!


Well, first custom thing MADE (its for a trade actually). She made me a few pairs of wooden earrings, and I made this beautiful blue shrug. I am almost a little sad to part with it, I had to totally re-do the collar because it was too small, but other than that it went pretty quickly.


I found the lace pattern online, and tried to figure out the best way to turn it into a shoulder shrug. I had never made a shrug before! I think it turn out really well considering, and unfortunately I have no idea where the yarn is from (I wish I had some more so I could make something for myself!!). I was given it as a gift, and only know its 100% wool, and so beautiful. There are many shades of blue, and it looks like a wave of the sea.

I told Felix it he was going to be famous, but he seems unimpressed

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