Thursday, June 10, 2010

ITS BEEN SO LONG! (A picture review)

Hello Everyone, it has been so long since I was on here. A lot has happened. I finished up my school year, and am now working.

But before that... I graduated from Sarah Lawrence! A fantastic four year, I will miss it.

My mom and dad were there:

I wore a beautiful dress I got from a fellow Etsian :)

I took some beautiful pictures of my yarn, this is my favorite.

I will be doing a craft fair in mid July (ALL YOU PHILLY PEOPLE, COME!!)

Ive been knitting like a mad woman... roses to put on headbands, squids, cell phone cases, toy octopuses, a stegosaurus, slippers, socks, baby clothes....

Can't wait to have more pictures to put up here!

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